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The Save Group: Human Resource Consulting Melbourne

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The Save Group is a Human Resources Consulting Firm based in Dandenong tailored to assist small to medium-sized businesses align their actions with their strategy to maximize profits and growth.


Dandenong Based HR Consulting Specialists Serving Melbourne 

A good human resources team provides incalculable value to your business. HR departments onboard employees, foster a strong culture in the workplace and ensure legal compliance across key areas. While in-house teams are the default, they can be expensive and tough to build from scratch.


That’s where The Save Group can help. As knowledgeable, end-to-end human resources specialists, we’re well-equipped and ready to help small to medium-sized Melbourne businesses just like yours with all of their HR needs.

The Benefits of Working With The Save Group

When you need HR management or consulting expertise, you need the best. Fortunately, there are many advantages to contacting The Save Group for all of your human resources tasks.

Full End-to-End HR Support for Your Business

For starters, we offer full, comprehensive, end-to-end HR support for your business, ranging from employment contract creation to onboarding employees, implementing goal-setting frameworks for individual employees, and setting up compliant policies and procedures.

The Right Solution for Your HR Needs

Human resources is a complex, varied department in any organisation. That’s why The Save Group offers many different solutions perfectly tailored to your HR needs, whatever they may be. When you contract with The Save Group, you’ll gain access to HR services including but not limited to the following.

Organisational Measurement and Planning

Knowing how to improve the productivity of your workforce is crucial in any industry. That’s why The Save Group will create Annual HR Plans for your employees, so that you can stay on top of KPI’s, training and upskilling of your personnel. Our tailored Annual HR Plans are designed to bolster your workforce, ensure maximum productivity, and cultivate a good workplace culture that prioritises employee growth and retention of talent.

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HR Process and Systems

Every business needs good HR processes and systems, like plans and sequences for onboarding new employees without overwhelming them. The Save Group can handle this aspect of HR, ensuring that new employees feel guided into their positions, as well as improving employee retention, so you don't have to go immediately back to the job boards when a new hire doesn't work out.

Governance and Compliance

Human resources governance and compliance are key if you want to avoid costly penalties, fines and reputational damage. The Save Group can assist by ensuring that your HR processes adhere to all important regulations, plus protect your business from legal difficulties that arise from non-compliance with Modern Awards and employment and workforce legislation.

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Performance Management

Your employees are the lifeblood of your company. With The Save Group, you'll gain performance management assistance, which we'll use to improve employee productivity and discover ways to enhance performance in the workplace.


Through performance management programs, seminars, and meetings, we'll help turn your workforce into a well-oiled machine vastly superior to your competitors!

Workplace Improvement

As touched on above, The Save Group can also help to improve your workplace across the board by:

Fostering a strong, supportive workplace culture.

Developing plans to put “aces in their places” and maximise talent distribution.

Implement programs and incentives to drive even more employee productivity.


Of course, the above services are just the tip of our HR iceberg. Whatever your human resources needs are, we can fulfil them!

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“Jane carries a rich blend of experience having worked in multinational companies and across continents. She is up to date on HR process and statute. She is easily approachable and pleasing to work with. Have worked with her at two manufacturing sites that I was heading and find her a bundle of energy.The knowledge and experience Jane brings to Save Group is valuable and for sure will benefit individuals and organisations. Wish SG all the very best as they make rapid strides in HR and training space.” - Srinivasa

Srinivasa, Dandenong

Getting Setup With the Save Group

Getting started with The Save Group is easier than ever. Whether you’re running a new start-up or are a growing business needing to scale up its HR services, we can start offering you the support you need by commencing our onboarding process:


Book a Meeting with Our Specialist Team of HR Experts

To start, in person on-site, virtually, or at a coffee shop of your choice with our specialist team. These knowledgeable experts will shake your hand, offer a smile, and welcome you to start talking about what it is your business needs.

Let Us Understand Your Specific HR Needs in Detail

Every business is different. That’s why we begin with a short presentation on The Save Group and what we can offer your business specifically. Our experts will then offer you the opportunity to discuss your pain points, HR needs, and management struggles so we can begin tailoring a solution for your organisation.


We Create an HR Annual Plan & Proposal for Your Review

After our initial meeting, our HR experts will follow up with an email and a Client Proposal. This proposal will include an annual plan as well as 3 to 4 options for immediate actions you can take to start to see improvements in your business.



Get a FREE Business Health Check

Want to know what's going on with your business? We'll help you get better results by providing a free health check from one of our specialists. Just click the button below and we will be in touch very shortly!

Strong human resource management:


●  Leads to better employee acquisition and retention through supportive, efficient onboarding

●  Promotes a good workplace culture by minimising personnel friction and offering processes for dealing with problematic employees

●  Helps streamline HR tasks and workflows

●  Allows your other employees to focus more on what they do best, whether that’s customer service, sales, or something else entirely


The reverse is also true; not having the right HR systems and processes set up may put your business at risk, may make it more difficult to acquire and keep top talent, and could lead to other negative effects later down the road.


With The Save Group, you don’t have to encounter those negative developments. Instead, you can get the HR management support you need whenever you need it.

If you’re growing a business, you have to funnel your resources into many different areas, including sales, customer acquisition, equipment acquisition, and more. It’s easy to feel like human resource management can be left by the wayside.


In reality, however, getting and keeping good HR support for your growing business is well worth any investment. Why?

Human Resource Management Support Is Worth the Investment

Find Out How We Can Help Your HR Needs: Book a Call With Jane

Your business and your employees deserve streamlined, efficient, compliant human resources processes. Crucial, flexible, custom-tailored HR support can be yours as soon as you contact The Save Group.


Once you speak to our experts, we’ll determine how best to address your HR needs. With our help, you’ll be able to focus on growing your business in the right direction without breaking the bank. We even offer a Free Business Health Check for our new clients so you can strategize your next moves smartly. Contact us today!

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