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Career Monitor - The Retention Interview

Effective employee development and retention assessments.

The Career Monitor is an ongoing employee development and retention initiative that uses research-based quantitative interviews, to provide risk and opportunity analysis for an individual employee circumstance.  A multifaceted view of their job, their peers and culture and the organisation provides a clear and concise evaluation of whether the employment relationship is at risk as well as identifying future areas of mutual opportunity.

Employers are armed with information to gain a clear perspective on the business including why people join and why they stay.  Due to the quantitative analysis, employers will also know how to prioritise each aspect within 3, 6 and 12 month time frames.

The Career Monitor program can be used in conjunction with:

  • Probation Reviews

  • Annual Performance Reviews

  • Pre-Exit Analysis

  • Individual Talent Management Programs

  • Performance Management Interventions

  • Key Employee Retention Programs

  • Annual Survey as part of a HR Plan

  • Capacity Risk Mapping as part of a Strategic Review

  • Succession Planning for key roles 

  • New Employee Survey

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