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Fusion Culture

A Culture Management Software to help measure your Employee Engagement. Take action to measure and improve your business culture!

We've been researching the SME market since 2008. Over that time, one thing became clear: Culture drives Performance. Building on our research, we have built a tool that helps businesses understand their culture and work towards where they want to be.

Establishing a great workplace environment and performance culture can be a hard task to handle on your own - but with software that's designed to manage the development and engagement of your employees, it's never been easier!

With Fusion, every employee in your business can reach their true potential, while having a direct and positive impact on your business goals. It's easy-to-use, quick, and you'll see results in no time!

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The Process

Measure, Benchmark, Analyse & Improve Business Performance


Step 1: Survey

Measure your businesses culture 

To develop a great performance culture, you need to understand more about the culture of your business. Start by using our 100% online platform and survey your team members to understand your business culture. Experience tells us that employee surveys should always be anonymous to give team members the confidence to answer questions honestly, without the fear of retribution. Each team member is provided access to an anonymous platform to give your business the benchmark it needs.

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Step 2: Review & Analyse

Gain actionable insights

Once the survey has been completed by employees and managers, our qualified coaches will evaluate the results across the 10 key culture drivers for Australian businesses, before presenting our findings to your organisation. Our recommendations will include actionable insights that we can use and develop to help you create a performance-related plan that is not only measurable, but achievable.

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Action Plan

Improve your business culture

To realize your business goals and to identify and retain your best people, it's important that all employees are actively involved in the performance culture process for the best employee experience. This will enable each individual to view their personal progress in real-time, allow them to set their career goals, and work towards achieving success. Benchmarks are only useful if you act on them. Using your results, our Coaches work with you to build a plan that is achievable, measurable and adds value to your business.

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