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Set your business up for success with simple and easy to manage processes. Every business needs good HR processes and systems, like plans and sequences for onboarding new employees without overwhelming them. The Save Group can handle this aspect of HR, ensuring that new employees feel guided into their positions, as well as improving employee retention, so you don't have to go immediately back to the job boards when a new hire doesn't work out.


Policies and Procedures


Job Description Development and Mapping


Attraction and Recruitment


Recordkeeping, Employee Records & Payroll Systems


Retention, Reward and Recognition Programs


Performance Management Procedures


Position and Reporting Structures


Human Resource Information Systems and Payroll Systems

HRIS & Payroll systems

HR information systems (HRIS) are databases where organizations can keep all the information related to employees, along with company resources, stored in a secure, accessible location.

HRIS, or human resources information system, is software designed to help businesses meet core HR needs and improve the productivity of both managers and employees. This is in large part possible because of automation and synchronized data, which may reduce costly redundancies and provide a trusted source of decision-making, respectively.

A Payroll System is a software to automate the payroll process. These systems can be integrated with leave and attendance tracking systems and employee self-service portal and are used to keep track of employee's working hours, calculate salaries, calculate taxes and deductions, print payslip, etc.

The Save Group partners with a number of companies that provide HRIS & Payroll Systems. Our payroll partners specialise in Modern Award interpretation (121 Modern Awards), which will ensure remuneration, allowances and other pay entitlements are correct and compliant for your employees.

Human Resource Information Systems help you:

  • Store and access employee information in a central database

  • Streamline the recruitment onboarding process to be online

  • Manage leave entitlements and other employee benefits

  • Communicate and give access to staff on company policies and procedures

  • Encourage employee retention with a benefits program

  • Manage your workforce scheduling, rostering (time and attendance)

Benefits of Payroll Processing Software

  • Improves compliance with relevant modern awards

  • Safeguard Statutory Compliance

  • Eliminates error and misclassifications

  • Efficient means of record keeping and payroll accounting

  • Allows Employee Self-Service (leave management, payslips, bank details, superannuation)

  • Ensure timely payments

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ELMO offers a comprehensive suite of cloud HR, payroll and rostering / time & attendance software solutions that can be configured however your organisation requires


Recruiting, onboarding, rostering staff and processing payroll, on any device anywhere. Powerful in-built tools accurately calculate pay, remaining leave, super costs & more.


The smarter way to manage HR, people, payroll and productivity. For small and medium businesses on the up.

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