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HiBob is a people management platform offering tools for workforce management, productivity enhancement, and employee experience improvement. It provides HR functions, analytics, engagement features, and is adaptable to changing organizational needs.

HiBob is on a mission to transform how organizations operate in the modern world of work with its HR platform Bob. Leading the way for the future workplace, Bob offers resilient, agile technology that wraps all the complexities of HR processes into a game-changing, user-friendly tool that touches every employee across the business.

Say ‘hi’ to Bob. The modern HR platform for modern business.

Core HR

Streamline your HR processes and build an inclusive culture

Core HR helps you manage HR and your people. Automate HR processes, seamlessly create reports, and store all HR documentation in one, easily accessible location. Plus, Bob’s culture and engagement features give your people a sense of belonging whether they are working onsite, hybrid or remote.


Create a warm and streamlined experience for your new hires

Bob’s onboarding workflows help to automate your onboarding processes, ensuring that no detail is overlooked. Give your people a warm welcome and positive onboarding experience with opportunities to get to know the company, their peers, and your company culture.

Performance Management

Empower your employees to grow, develop, and succeed

Talent management made easy. Their centralized platform supports 360-degree performance reviews for both your onsite and remote employees. Empower your people to succeed with clear, actionable goals and growth plans and by aligning them to team, department, and company goals.

Compensation Management

Manage a seamless compensation process

Simply manage global compensation with an intuitive and flexible solution. Run compensation cycles that include salary reviews, bonuses, and equity allocation. Increase pay transparency with compensation bands (coming soon) and ensure fair pay for new hires and current employees. Keep all stakeholders on the same page for a data-driven, fair, and equitable process.


Engage your people

Surveys collect valuable employee feedback. Run an employee lifecycle survey to track feedback at different milestones and lifecycle events or conduct an employee engagement survey to measure employee satisfaction. View survey results and gain valuable insights to help you make a positive change for your people and organization.

Time Off

Track who’s in and who’s out

Managing time off has never been simpler. Bob’s time management feature makes it easy to request and approve holidays, sick days, PTO, vacation days, and more—all within your flow of work.

Time and Attendance

Simplify time tracking

Clocking in and out is easy with Bob’s time management feature, which is also supported on the Bob app. Create a work cycle and nudge your people to submit their timesheets on time for payroll.

Payroll Hub

Take the pain out of payroll

Bob’s Payroll Hub is a centralized dashboard for managing payroll in Bob. All payroll-related data is automatically updated in real-time and can be easily synced with your chosen payroll systems, reducing payroll preparation time from hours to minutes.

People Analytics

Gain insights into your people

Start measuring and analyzing your greatest asset—your people. Gain meaningful intel and uncover hidden insights with real-time, cross-platform data. Track KPIs such as headcount, growth, retention, and absenteeism and measure your progress over time. Simply create, schedule, and share reports with your leadership team in just a few clicks.

Your Voice

Provide a safe space to be heard

Empower your people to speak up and report workplace concerns or misconduct in a safe and secure environment and without fear of retribution. Your Voice complies with whistleblower protection laws and helps companies maintain a happy, satisfied, and productive workforce.

Workforce Planning

Maximize workforce efficiency

Optimize workforce productivity and create a strategic hiring plan with a workforce planning tool that maps, tracks, and plans current and future positions directly within Bob. Create events for different scenarios and use your people data to gain insights that can influence your hiring decisions.


Explore and experiment with Bob

Test and optimize changes and events, such as performance cycles, compensation events, imports, and automation, in a safe duplicate of your Bob production environment. Explore and experiment with making changes across Bob without impacting your people data.

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