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A Pro-Active Approach to Managing Psychosocial Risk

In light of legislative changes, businesses must now proactively manage all psychosocial risks in the workplace

Employers have a legal responsibility to protect their workers by managing
hazards and risks in the workplace. This responsibility has now been specifically
expanded to include psychosocial risks in the workplace as a result of new
national and state/territory legislation and regulation in 2022/2023.

All states and territories have now included psychosocial risk management
requirements in their respective OHS legislation. Employers are now required to
identify and manage psychosocial hazards and risks, just as they would identify
and manage physical hazards and risks. This requires that they:
• Identify any psychosocial hazards and risks;
• Assess all identified hazards and risks to consider their impact on workers;
• Control risks by eliminating and minimising them as much as possible; and
• Review any control measures implemented, to ensure they are effective

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